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Michelle Bezik is an interdisciplinary architect and researcher with 10 years of working and teaching experience. She received her Masters in Advanced Architecture from The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. With specializations ranging from passive house design to 3D printing in Architecture, she has worked with architecture studios and participated in exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Australia. In conjunction, she has assisted workshops and academic studios with the Architectural Association Visiting School and IAAC.

Whether in collaboration or developing self-initiated projects, Michelle’s work investigates the dialogue between people, technology and environments. She is in constant movement across scales of research, art, architecture and design, always maintaining a process of experimentation with digital and analogue forms of making. Through architectural interventions, drawings, and installations, she is working to expand how computation can blend with tectonics and traditional techniques. Her passion is in engaging with the dynamic relationship between people and environments. Her process breathes through iteration and uses drawing and sound as an exploration of dialogue, movement, expression and observation.

+34 697611600