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unlearn the condition, Can Serrat Artist Residency (Link) | installation


Can Serrat El Bruc, Spain

As two processes converged, we were compelled to experiment with forms of communication and to question the conception of a collaborative. The visual and critical dialogues emerge from moments of unforseen synchronicity, to simultaneously initiate analogous interactions between the concepts themselves. Through studying paradoxical realities and challenging relational boundaries, unlearn the condition derives from an analytical dissection of human perception.

As we began to analyze social interactions, we were drawn to Keller and Schoenfeld’s studies on social stimulation. It is interpreted that behaviour is directly influenced by the space-time dynamics of interaction between beings and objects or events. The variation within social events lies in the complexities of source/reactor relationships in which the source is the dominant force influencing the receiving reactor. This space of interaction intrigues us as it presents an alternate form of nonverbal communication.

Motivated by the urgency of ecological awareness, we set out to understand how the reshaping of these interactions can incite a new relationship with the inhabiting environment. The project initiates at the boundary of our familiarities where our experiences form an apperceptive understanding confronted with spontaneous uncertainty. We attempt to unlearn the constraints of our conditioned experience, encouraging dynamic forms of engagement to emerge into a fluid and evolving correspondence with nature.

The installation presents time to reflect. In transition from a built, man-made environment, you are invited to cross the threshold - an approach of jagged, no-longer-uniform white tile to wipe your feet and enter into a space of natural vulnerability. Eliciting a hypersensitivity to how you move through the space, you can hear the weight of every step and feel the impact of its gravitational pull, resonating with the surrounding audio. As if being pushed beyond your limit, you can find comfort in the discomfort and allow intuitive responses to surface.
The seemingly pure, white tiles of the threshold were discovered around the site- scattered, wedged, and sunken into the earth. The specificity provokes an attachment to place and ponderings on its destruction and anthropogenic manifestation. Evolving from organic soil into manufactured tile, then slowly decomposing after the demise of the industry, holds a presence of cyclical temporal shifts through deep history, natural evolution, and human intervention. The dirt is soft, and comforting. In contrast to the tile, the organic matter invites you to play and be seduced by its auburn color. Its warmth luminates with the glow of the projected film, drawing the viewer further into the space.

Recorded on site at the tile factory, the looped video is enlarged and positioned near eye level, confronting the viewer with an unfamiliar scale of the fragmented body. As the color reflects off the imperfect white walls, the space becomes illuminated in warm tones. In constant dialogue with the sound, the filmed movement hopes to engage the viewer in a heightened sensory experience.

The audio, composed from numerous site recordings, is piercing and raw in its energy. Sound, as a universal language that evokes innate, emotive responses, can hold, reject, and manipulate time. Within the installation, time embodies variously scaled implications of spatial and bodily awareness. It reflects a multiplicity of layering dialogues with itself, space, movement, and the viewer.

The body, a vessel of permeable energy, is the most personal and vulnerable instrument. Its movement, a translation of thought exploring the conscious and subconscious, reflects the inner being as the first understanding of physicality. Through its infinite complexity and relativity- flesh, tissues, bones, fluids, spaces- it immerses the body with the exploration of space internally and externally. Movement can be an honest dialogue of feeling and response, embracing intuitive reaction to stimuli without constraint.

unlearn the condition explores language, relationships, and sensorial response through our most primitive vessel.