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desdoblamiento, Appareil (Link)| installation


Pigment Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Desdoblamiento is an exhibition between artists whose practices may seem very distant -one draws by hand, the other builds and codes machines- but their approaches share plastic similarities and common themes such as the fascination with repetition and imprecision, the unpredictability of the result, the emergence of form, the importance of time in the drawing process, etc.

The installation is a central piece to the exhibition and presents two engraving awls whose codified movements respond symmetrically while engraving an iron plate. This allows the reproduction, again symmetrical, of the pattern on paper within a series.

The notion of symmetry is expressed in the exhibition through a series of drawings and engravings that maintain a reflection and emerge on both sides of a cut, alongside a machine that tries, without success, to make the same drawing twice.

Beyond each of these explorations, the real duality here is that of two artistic practices, one manual and the other digital, which questions the existence of this limit, looking for its interweaving rather than its differences.

In collaboration with Edouard Cabay and Juan Escudero.
Presented at the Barcelona Gallery weekend.