Sudden shifts, forming habits

To morph an essence, of desired caption

She will wake in the morning with her eyes set anew

There's a monarch on the horizon, settled in her view

With no need for permission, for the action is hers

She makes of her present, a future for her taking


Longing for restful sleep, my mind amused by the feast

Warmth realized presence tries desperately to speak

Tell your desires that come on blackened moons

For days bring the silence to my troubled muse

In the morning she is rising, her trauma dark and hot

Where the children lay crying burdened by their loss

I've listened to your hauntings, they track their weary steps

And lay sorry for my silence, my habituated rest

Breathe onto naked shoulders, carrying with pride

As guilty belongings come to fill my eyes. Love,

Can you hear my words running?

they're burdened by my mind


In a moment

In a moment, my feet stand still

to the power driven forces that press against my will

My heart trembles with those I've lost in past

the one that lays near me,

a ghost pipe in the sun

In a moment, your American curiosities are far from where we've been

Yet I hold space for our meetings, our hesitated whims

A cigarette to bond us across four countries white washed kitchens and avocado tastings