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Hello! I am an interdisciplinary and research – based architect investigating the dialogue between people, technology and environments. Whether in collaboration or developing self – initiated projects, my work is rooted in experimentation with digital and analogue forms of making.

Currently based in Barcelona, Spain.


Pigment Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

In collaboration with Edouard Cabay and Juan Escudero.
Presented at the Barcelona Gallery weekend. 
Through a duality of two artistic practices, one manual and the other digital, the installation questions the existence of this limit, looking for its interweaving rather than its differences.


OPAL Architecture / Research / Design
Washington, Connecticut
A highly efficient seasonal home that utilizes technologies with a sensitivity to materials and construction techniques. Working as a team of collaborators and artisans, it integrates an assembly of cnc milled CLT construction and responsible material sourcing.


Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain

TOVA is the first building made with earth and a 3D printer in Spain, a project born from the ongoing research conducted by IAAC to find new ways of facing the social and environmental challenges of the future. The construction has been carried out at the Valldaura Labs facilities, on the outskirts of Barcelona.


Developed in collaboration as research faculty for the
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain

The project was conceived as a prototype for 3d printed clay housing responding to increasingly serious climate and migration emergencies.


Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)
Barcelona, Spain
With water making up 70% of both planet earth and the human body, the research questions how the relationship between human, architecture and water can define the spaces and lifestyles we inhabit. The project explores the phenomenon of gravitational potential energy in order to circulate water and to shape a new way of living in response to the environment.